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Dry Powder Polymer Units (PPU)

Dry Powder Polymer Units (PPU)

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"innovative mixing to reduce polymer consumption"

The NPS polymer make up units offer reliable and cost effective units to the marketplace.

The NPS range of dry powder polymer systems comprises of skid mounted units for smaller applications and larger systems comprising of bulk powder storage and combined mixing/storage tanks suitable for locating outdoors.

As with chemical dosing, polymer systems often need to be manufactured to suit site specific requirements. We can easily supply variations of standard equipment utilizing our in house expertise and fabrication facilities.

The NPS Powder Polymer System (PPU) pneumatically conveys polymer powder from the screw feeder to the powder disperser. Polymer powder is naturally dispersed during the conveying process providing the best conditions for pre-wetting out of each polymer particle. The polymer powder is blown through a curtain of water provided by the jets arranged to maximise contact with the polymer powder. The ‘pre-wetted’ solution then enters the mixing tank. Once in the mixing tank the polymer solution is subjected to gentle but efficient agitation to ‘unravel’ the polymer chains.


Pneumatic conveying system

Separation of water phase and powder phase

Low powder hopper loading height  

Low tank height on integrated tank units.


Disperses polymer powder to ensure effective polymer wetting ensuring a lump free homogenous solution

Prevents blocking of the conveying system, and allows creation of ‘wet’ & ‘dry’ areas.

Easier and safer hopper loading

Access for maintenance is from floor level without need for platforms/working at height.

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