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Blagdon Pump

Here at NPS, we are experts in providing pumps, pumping systems, back flow prevention products, glass reinforced plastic kiosks and fabrications services. The Blagdon pump is one of the many that we offer, providing great value for money and ultimate reliability for a variety of applications. Here are five great reasons to choose a Blagdon pump today.

  1. Operating within the most stringent safety specifications, Blagdon pumps can run dry without danger, or damage to the pump itself, avoiding costly mistakes and giving you a wide margin of error. They’re also safe to use in hazardous areas because they’re air powered and avoid all risk of fire because of their no-sparking mechanism.


  1. Manufactured to the highest specifications, Blagdon pumps are designed to work on simple and consistent principles. Because of this, they are incredibly reliable, and if a fault should occur, or for pump servicing, they can be stripped down easily and quickly, without the need for specialist tools. This includes leak-free air valves that can be easily removed for servicing, reducing both costs and the use of valuable time.
  2. Emitting only low-level noise, Blagdon pumps are one of the more discrete options available. They’re also designed to have a minimum effect on the relevant product, causing very limited agitation.


  1. Self-priming to over six metres, the Blagdon pump reduces the need for human interference, providing ultimate efficiency and low running costs.
  2. They also have the capability to cycle at a very slow speed, with long strokes, enabling low initial break out for maximum versatility for a range of products and applications. Fully submersible and pressure balanced, the Blagdon pump will stall when the discharge is closed, restarting when the discharge is reopened. This avoids the build-up of heat which can lead to hazardous and inefficient running of the pump; it also reduces wear and tear on the components, another step towards economy and effectiveness.

Offering a five year warranty, the our pumps are at the very top of their field for balancing value and ease of maintenance with stunning performance.

For more information about our pumps, technical support, repairs, spares and customer service, please contact our friendly team on 01274 721314, sales@npsgroup.co.uk or complete the contact form here and we’ll call you back.


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