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Clean room hygienic repair centre

Clean room hygienic repair centre

all our products are supported by our spares, repairs and clean room service >>

Investing in hygienic repairs

NPS has added a cleanroom to the repair centre. To ensure quality, all hygienic pumps are 100% inspected, stored, assembled, tested and packaged exclusively in the climate controlled environment to limit pollutants like dust, airborne microbes and other internal and external contaminants.

The clean-room further enhances the NPS pump service capabilities that include part and component machining, coating and testing.

As an approved workshop for Wrightflow Technologies Ltd with factory trained engineers we provide expert repairs using genuine manufacturers components ensuring your pump is returned in the optimum condition for continued service. All pumps are fully hydrostatitically tested prior to shipment.

Our extensive pump knowledge enables NPS to offer the hygienic facility for a wide variety of hygienic pump ranges and types from positive displacement to centrifugal. NPS takes pride in using original manufacturers parts throughout all repairs to ensure the same standards the pump was initially sold with are maintained.

All repairs are controlled and operate within the NPS ISO 9001 quality system providing the client with a traceable repair service providing security to your supply chain.

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