Dry Powder Polymer Units


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Dry Powder Polymer Units

We offer a line of dry powder polymer units (PPUs) that offer comprehensive solutions to a wide range of needs. For smaller applications we offer skid mounted units, whereas for larger applications we can provide PPUs with bulk powder storage and combined mixing/storage tanks. We can also offer PPUs suitable for outdoor use.

Our NPS dry powder polymer units work by pneumatically conveying the polymer powder from the screw feeder to the powder dispenser. The powder is then blown through a water curtain, providing maximum contact with the water and ensuring excellent pre-wetting before entering the mixing tank. Once in the mixing tank, the polymer solution is subjected to gentle, effective and efficient agitation to properly unravel the polymer chains.

A separate water and powder phase, pneumatic conveying system, and the low tank and hopper loading height make NPS PPUs contenders for the best dry powder polymer systems on the market.