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Stainless Steel Fabrications

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mild steel and structural

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Flood Gates and Flood Doors

Flood Gates and Flood Doors

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NPS Fabrications is part of the NPS Engineering Group (NPSEG).
NPS Fabrications supply a variety of fabrications from bespoke one off
requirements to batch work, for a variety of traditional steel or architectural
standard bespoke fabrications.

Fabrications are produced from client drawings or designed by our design team to
customer requirements. The NPS Fabrications product is manufactured from
stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, mild steel and other steels.

The NPS Fabrications team can work on-site or in-house, manufacturing and
installing its products.

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Water Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Hygiene Industry
  • Beverage Industry
  • Waste Water Industry

customised fabrications tailored to your projects needs. our workforce offers the flexibility to work in house and on site to complete the full installation of equipment

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