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GRP Kiosks and Enclosures

At NPS we offer glass reinforced polymer (GRP) products in standard designs, as well as, having the capability to manufacture bespoke kiosks and enclosures, specific to your needs. We supply GRP products to a wide range of industries including fire prevention and suppression, construction and utility companies.

Glass reinforced polymer design and manufacture is one of our specialists at NPS, our design team can advise you on what the most economical construction, for your needs, would be. Our GRP products can be constructed in one piece, or created in sections, depending on the size and accessibility.

We also offer several different options on the external finishes (See GRP External Finishes) with additional options such as lighting and heating.

For our electrical installation option with our kiosks and enclosures, all of our products are fully tested and certified prior to shipment, and are set up to provide plug and play installation, reducing time spent on installation.

Some of the NPS GRP products we have on offer are:

GRP Kiosks

GRP Security Kiosks

GRP Enclosures

GRP Substations

GRP Housing

GRP Sprinkler Houses

GRP Cabinets

GRP Covers

GRP Acoustic Covers

GRP Cladding

GRP Architectural Products

GRP Thermal Enclosures

GRP Gatehouses

GRP Security Lodges

GRP Roadside Range Cabinets

GRP Bunds

GRP Doorsets

GRP Roofs